Makemoney-fx presents its users with the optimal platform for investing in Forex, Futures and Commodities.

We are committed to providing each and every user with the best experience possible and always aim to provide the necessary means and resources for successful trading


Means for investing in forex, futures and indices on a wide number of international marketplaces

Top notch trade platform, available on all relevant devices – PC, Mac, Android and Apple phones

Timely reports and indicators, which let you closely follow how your trade develops with each signal, along with vital success strategies

A personalized education system – massive amounts of trading information at your disposal

Superior request processing and spreads

Algo Trading – a clever computer program which aids you by making trading faster and better overall

Various account choices, catering to each user`s specific circumstances. You can also change the type of your account if there is a need

Excellent user care and technical support, which let you focus on trading and feel safe