Segregated Accounts

The unique Makemoney-fx Loyalty Saver Account allows their users to conduct trades perfectly safeand
keeps them out of slow transaction loadings or information and payments errors.


There are few more additional benefits that are shaped exactly to satisfy customers common needs. With all that major pluses, you can be sure in:

  • 100 % customers satisfaction
  • 24/7 users support and help in dealing the most common problem issues
  • Effectiveness of your capital
  • Reliable chargeback security
  • Convenient and user-friendly functions of your funds

When will a Loyalty Saver Account be appropriated for me?

It will be assigned for you in the very beginning, once you have deposited money into your account,and you will be able to speed up your trading process avoiding any needless job and paperwork.

Conditions for withdrawing and transmitting money

  • Verification of both parties are needed to confirm the release
  • Can be done only when both parties are satisfied with provided deal
  • May be automatically settled for a money withdraw Performed on user’s requests of transmitting