Algo Trading

Algo Trading becomes very popular nowadays due to its active development. It is a program for investors to become more successful, have favorable outcomes and constantly evolve. Algo Trading is based on the artificial intelligence and scenario-based approach that help investors have profitable trading. The time period, quantity and price are, of course, taken into account while creating trading strategies.

The assistance of the software will be:

Help detect the quality of affording gain, which will be best for investors

Reduced expenses

Lucidity becomes more perceptible

Amend balance of commitment and planning of trading actions

Develop investor’s skills to analyze and take action according to the trading situation


Fast multiple investing – the quantity of trading operations the Algo Trading is able to perform is way higher and differs from any regular trader.

The software may proceed with repeated tasks through a certain time period and this may take place in various markets. Of course, all taken actions are intended to improve investor’s trading progress

24/7 – you won’t have to plan your trading and follow any platform’s working curfews, the software offers its services non-stop to draw more traders and help them get more profit any time, suitable for them

Mechanized work – as we are using artificial intelligence and specific algorithms, all our investors should not worry about human factor (stress, personal problems, unfocused work etc) that may cause any losses

Seeing all cards – investors can take their time and build a strategy, see through all pros and cons of the trading and future actions because there will be no need to control the system that will be automatically doing its job and handling all “unnecessary” things

Various robot-functions

Auto-search – the system will constantly update the market and search for the best trading opportunities and options according to the inquiry and will send notifications right away

Make trades – the robot will assist the investor to create a number of trades right away. All actions will be done in accordance with the specific instructions, set by the trader, and will also correspond to the specific risk margins

The strategy of the investment – the robot works according to the set algorithm, which helps to find best deals, best opportunities on the market. It also is done in accordance with the special user’s preferences


Depending on the chosen risk profile, all robots have the same mechanism: they have various setting options to choose. The trading principle here is as usual: the more you set on the table (and accordingly the risks get higher), the more you may get as a reward.

Tree variants for trading:

Classics of the market – you should choose this risk profile if you are trading in small amounts. You will get support and feedback within this profile if funds amount does not outbid 10 000 USD, and annual percentage rate is 3, which will surely help the trader with any shortages

Know-how investor – this one should be chosen if you have already traded for some time and you have quite a bit knowledge of the trading principals.

Annual percentage rate – 7, maximum money amount – 50 000 USD

Professional businessman – on this profile terms you will have the percentage rate of 25 (can you actually imagine) and the sum of the account should exceed 50 000 USD